The Inbound Program relocates Aboriginal students from urban or rural NSW schools into an environment in which they will receive intensive literacy training through experiential learning opportunities. The program is aimed at Middle Years students between Years 5 – 8. The program will be based in the Sydney CBD.


The three to four day ‘live in’ programs will provide the literacy work that is normally undertaken over an entire term. The experiential experiences provide the motivation to enhance literacy skills while at the same time providing other essential life experiences.


The program will incorporate:-

  • a selection process that is related to attendance, effort and improvement.
  • pre-testing of literacy levels
  • on site intensive program
  • on site post testing
  • specific on- going consolidation in the student’s home environment
  • a repeat of the program in 3 – 6 months.


Senior students who have previously undertaken the Outbound Literacy program will be invited to participate in the Inbound program.


Community representatives (from the Aboriginal students’ school) will also be invited to participate in the program.