“Overall, the program provided a great balance of cultural awareness
activities, environmental education and sight seeing, giving students
a rich learning experience that will have a lasting impact on them”
Lisa O’Toole – Teaching Staff Member, Scotch College WA 2019


“This trip was one of, if not the best school trip I’ve ever been on.
Interesting and learning about different cultures was great. I loved
working with and staying with the community kids”  

Student – Scotch College WA 2019


“Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend to everyone. I wish everyone
could experience what I have. I feel so lucky to be here. I especially
liked working with the kids of all ages. Thank you very much for

Student – Scotch College WA 2019


“Terrific trip, lots of fun all the time combined with lots of
learning and culture. Highlights Barunga School, Katherine Springs and
Top Didj”

Student – Scotch College WA 2019


“An incredible learning experience for our students. Thank you Craig
for your time, support, conversation and flexibility. I believe we
witnessed meaningful change in our students’ perspectives this week”
Jess Johnston – Teaching Staff, Penrhos College WA 2019


“I learnt so much from the kids and by the sounds of it, they learnt
from me. I had so much fun on this trip and feel I have become a
better more educated person”

Student – Penrhos College WA 2019


“I have absolutely loved this once in a lifetime experience. I have
learned so much about the Indigenous culture and it has changed my
view on so many current points in Australia”

Student – Penrhos College WA 2019


“Overall really valuable experience that I won’t forget. Made so many
new connections. Jampacked program that made me tired but it was worth

Student – Penrhos College WA 2019